MBBS (Melbourne), B.Sc, PGDipSurgAnat, MPH&TM, FRACS

Ear Nose & Throat Specialist, Adult Head & Neck Surgeon, Paediatric Otolaryngologist

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Eric is a triple-Fellowship trained Specialist Otolaryngologist (Ear Nose & Throat), Head & Neck Surgeon based in Melbourne, Australia. He has completed Fellowships in Head & Neck Surgery, Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Paediatric Otolaryngology in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He has subspecialty interests in adult head & neck cancer, sinus diseases, salivary glands, paediatric complex airway reconstruction, paediatric head & neck tumours, vascular malformation, sleep surgery, rhinoplasty and otoplasty.

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For further subspecialty training, Eric went on to complete an Adult Head and Neck Surgery, Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship in Canada at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This was followed by a Paediatric Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Fellowship in Brisbane, Australia at Queensland Children’s Hospital. He has also completed a third Fellowship in Paediatric Otolaryngology at Starship Children’s Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand.

Eric 旋风加速官网下载ios & speaks regularly on other medical matters close to his heart including leadership, teaching and Doctors’ well-being. Eric has been an invited speaker at several National and International Conferences. Eric is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, a member of qq旋风下载器破解版下载(无限加速)v4.8.773.400 - 软件学堂:2021-9-4 · qq旋风是由腾讯公司推出的一款极速下载软件。在现在下载软件多多的情况下,全程没有广告、极速的下载体验、几乎所有浏览器都可兼容的强大兼容性以及便下便放的播放体验等强大的功能深受用户喜爱。在经过全新改版之后,全新的引擎、全新的动画表现、全新的布局等全新的特色让它的实力 ..., The Australian and New Zealand Head & Neck Cancer Society, 果备份下载 - 果备份 IOS数据备份软件 官方版 ...:今天 · 果备份 IOS数据备份软件 官方版iPhone TBProAudio Bundle TB音频插件 2021.6.3 破解版音频处理 Aiseesoft AVCHD Video Converter AVCHD视频转换器 9.2.26 破解版视频转换 Aiseesoft MTS Converter MTS视频转换器 9.2.30 破解版视频转换 UEStudio 文本编辑器 官方版文字处理 云帮手 服务器运维管理工具 官方版 ... 网络小说家模拟手机版下载- 全方位下载:2021-3-4 · 洛克王国旋风辅助下载 skydrive skydrive下载 互盾安卓恢复大师 互盾安卓恢复大师官网下载 互盾数据恢复软件下载 互盾安卓恢复大师官方免费版 人族争霸安卓下载 人族争霸手游 人族争霸BT 甲铁城的卡巴内瑞手游 甲铁城的卡巴内瑞最新版 ...and The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons’ Academy of Surgical Educators.

Eric thinks he is really funny but his children disagree.

He is a Consultant Surgeon at St.Vincent’s Hospital, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and privately at 旋风加速器ios下载二维码 (East Melbourne, Box Hill & Heidelberg). Follow the link to book a private appointment.

Brisbane Certificate



‘Mr’ or ‘Dr’ Eric Levi?

It doesn’t really matter. He goes by “Eric”. Some of his little patients call him Dr E or Mr E. He’s a medical Doctor who happens to be a Surgeon. The title ‘Mr’ is an old traditional title given to Surgeons as historically, during the Middle Ages, surgeons were not actually doctors. They did not go to medical school. They were barbers by trade. In those days the barber-surgeons with their razor blades used to lance boils, amputate legs, draw blood, pull teeth and help out with military trauma. Today you can be assured that Eric has completed medical school and undertook additional 13 years of training to be a Specialist Surgeon.

What is the difference between a Paediatric ENT Surgeon and an ENT Surgeon with a Paediatric Interest?

The difference is the additional specialist training for complex paediatric conditions. All fully qualified FRACS ENT Surgeons can operate on children with common conditions such as tonsils, adenoids and ear tubes (grommets). However, Eric is the only surgeon in Melbourne who has completed an additional 2 years of Fellowship training in Paediatric ENT to hone his specialist skills. This means that Eric can perform some uncommon complex operations that a few children might need. Coupled with his Fellowship in Adult Head and Neck Surgery, Eric therefore has a unique set of skills in both Paediatric and Adult Head & Neck Surgery.

What is Airway Reconstruction Surgery?

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What is Sleep Surgery?

Children and adults can suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), which is obstructed snoring with oxygen desaturations. OSA has significant cardiovascular and respiratory effects in adults, while in children OSA causes potential neurocognitive and behavioural issues. OSA is not uncommon in children and especially in those with Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21) and other Craniofacial Syndromes. Multiple procedures are available beyond a routine Adenotonsillectomy to resolve specific obstructions anywhere along the airway during sleep. We can specifically operate on the palate, pharynx (throat) or tongue to improve the airway. In a way, sleep surgery is a component of Airway Surgery.

What is Head & Neck Surgery?

There are multiple conditions affecting the Head and Neck region, including the thyroid, salivary glands, skin, oral conditions, neck infections, lumps and bumps. In the adult population, Head and Neck cancer refers to a heterogenous population of various kinds of cancer affecting the skin, nose, sinuses, mouth, larynx and throat. Each anatomical site may give rise to unique cancerous conditions with unique pathways of cancer spread and therefore very specific individualized treatment strategies. Children do get tumour and cancer of the Head & Neck too, which pose unique challenges to management. In addition, there are other congenital conditions that uniquely affect children such as branchial arch anomalies, vascular anomalies, lymphovascular malformation, excessive drooling, and thyroid diseases.

What is Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery?

Facial Plastic surgery refers to any surgery that would alter the form and function of the face. All of surgery is a collision of evidence-based science and artistic craftsmanship. This is especially true in Facial Plastic Surgery. A face that has been affected by cancer, disease or trauma can be made more aesthetically pleasing for the patient. This is critical for the patient’s sense of self and quality of life. Common procedures include rhinoplasty (“nose job”) to improve the breathing and appearance of the nose, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to improve the appearance of the eyes, otoplasty to correct prominent “bat” ears and other ear deformities, local and regional soft tissue flaps to alter the face. Eric is committed to the restoration of aesthetic appearance for patients whose faces have been affected by disease or trauma.

You can access his personal blog and generic patient information through the menu buttons above.

Contact Eric at

Thoughts on this site are mine, and not those of my employers or any organisations I may be associated with. Opinions are personal and not necessarily backed up by comprehensive or definitive evidence based research. No endorsements. Any advice, guidelines or instructions are general and basic. They are not applicable to specific individuals or your current situations. If you have any medical concerns, speak to your doctor.


  1. 旋风加速器官网下载 says:

    Thank you.


    1. Kim Lovegrove 旋风加速器app官网

      HI Eric,
      I was very happy to come across your post. My daughter is a ‘doctor in training’, having done 4 years at Melbourne University she has transferred to UQ & is now at the new Sunshine Hospital. I have an online summit launching next Monday, REBOUND WITH RESILIENCE … Discover the Art of Bouncing Back From Any Setback with Grit & Grace. I would like to interview at some stage in the future. ( I have interviewed a Dr from Seattle who has recently experienced the suicide death of a friend). I think you would have a lot of valuable insight to offer. Sadly it is too late for this summit, but there will be more !!

      旋风加速器.apkLiked by 1 person

      1. DrEricLevi says:

        Great job, Kim. I hope your daughter is enjoying Sunshine Coast!


  2. Sophia says:

    Dear Dr Levi, My family would like to send deep appreciation to you in doing the operation for my son. He’s back to good sleep and completely no more snoring. He is also inspired by you to become a doctor in the future. I wish best wishes to you on this Christmas and a happy New Year with all success, happiness and prosperity.




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